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<strong>Say Goodbye to Congested Skin with Clarity Cleanse</strong>

Last week’s post was about the skincare resolutions your skin needs, and this week, we’re discussing one of the first steps that you can take after the holidays to clear up congested skin – a Candida cleanse.

Candida overgrowth is the root cause of so many ailments – fatigue, digestive issues, thrush, joint pain, UTIs, and even acne-prone skin. Yet, thanks to a skincare industry that prioritizes superficial solutions over healing underlying problems, many people with problem skin have never even heard of it. The truth is, this gut bacteria (while a normal, healthy part of the human body) can be the catalyst for irritated, acne-ridden, tired skin when it begins to overproduce. The key is to cull that overproduction in order to return your microbiome to a balanced state, and allow your skin to decongest without the negative influence of the bacteria. In order to do that, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with. So, what is Candida? What does it do to your skin? And most importantly, how can we combat its effects when it becomes overgrown?


Candida is a normal form of bacteria in the human body, a type of yeast found in the gut and on the skin. Usually, a healthy human body balances its quantities of this bacteria with no negative effects. However, this natural process can sometimes be disrupted by a number of factors. Antibiotics, crucial in the medical field but harsh on your gut biome, can cause an overproduction of Candida in response to the killing of so many bacteria during medical treatment. Diets high in sugar and refined carbs, as well as those heavy on alcohol, can affect your Candida’s growth, as well as factors like diabetes, contraceptive use, and even high stress levels. Once you consider the causes of Candida overgrowth, it’s easy to see how many people may be suffering from this form of acne-causing excess bacteria. Even with an active, healthy lifestyle, there are some factors that can affect your microbiome despite your best efforts. Also, consider the fact that we’re coming out of the holiday season – a time full of little exercise, a lot of excess sugar and refined carbs, and a bit of overindulgence in all areas. These things aren’t evil, but they can have an effect on your skin thanks to the responsive bacteria in your gut.


When Candida becomes overgrown, we can consider it a type of digestive toxin. Besides causing a myriad of bodily illnesses, Candida affects the skin by causing congestion – acne, painful cysts, blackheads, etc. This congestion mimics that of hormonal acne, and can go hand-in-hand with any other hormonal imbalances that you might be experiencing. For instance, if you’re already prone to hormonal problems due to birth control usage or other (even genetic) factors, an overgrowth of Candida can further exacerbate the effects of those imbalances and, to put it plainly, make your skin freak out.


The good news is, Candida overgrowth can be soothed! This is where the cleanse comes in. What we recommend is this: partake in a cleanse that supports your health from the inside out, and amplify the effects of that cleanse by engaging in lifestyle choices that encourage your gut and skin to detox healthily. Starting on January 10th, Osmosis Beauty begins their ten-day Clarity Cleanse, where you can follow their regimen, and receive encouraging emails on each day of the cleanse that address possible challenges and give advice to improve your experience. This cleanse is available to purchase anytime, but doing so during their guided period will give you access to daily guidance alongside the routine.

The Osmosis Clarity Cleanse is a three-product cleanse bundle, with Skin Clarifier (a ten-day blemish cleanse in the form of daily herbal supplement pills), Skin Perfection Elixir (a gold-infused and frequency-enhanced liquid supplement), and Rescue (an epidermal repair serum). According to Osmosis, “the intention of this cleanse is to inspire great beginnings into the new year. When providing the body with a detox strategy, we help accelerate the repair process. Skin Clarifier and Skin Perfection work synergistically to restore the body back to balance by eliminating digestive toxins to decrease congestion.” Our clients who have completed this cleanse in the past report a quick period of detoxification where the skin is purging congested material, followed by a healing period of healthier, happier skin.

A regular day on the Clarity Cleanse might look like this:

Get up, stretch, and meditate. Before breakfast, take eight capsules of Skin Clarifier. For best results, drink with lots of water, and keep up fiber consumption throughout the day. Follow with five to seven pumps of Skin Perfection Elixir. Shower and wash your face, then apply one to two pumps of Rescue to clean skin before starting your day.

One of the most important tenets of holistic skincare is mindfulness, or embracing the idea that your thoughts and intentions affect how well your skin responds to treatment. Osmosis Beauty encourages what they call “Mindful Detoxing,” and describe the ideal setting to receive the best results; “During a time of detox, be mindful of your surroundings and daily decisions that may impact the success of your cleanse. Prepare your grocery list ahead of time. Avoid buying unplanned indulgences. Make time for daily movement like yoga, walking or cycling. The more proactive you are, the easier it will be for you to stay on track!”

It’s crucial to take care and be kind to yourself during a cleanse (and all the time!) so that your mind and body are working harmoniously to become balanced and healthy. Begin your detox journey on the right foot, and you will certainly see the long- and short-term benefits of caring holistically for your skin.

Interested in the Osmosis Beauty Clarity Cleanse? To get started on January 10th, contact us now for products and further guidance!


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