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<strong>Skincare for the Best Workout of Your Life</strong>

How can your workout lead to better skin, and your skin to a better workout?

We know, we know — “what does skincare have to do with the best workout of my life?” Well, it turns out, plenty!

A good workout and a good skincare routine work in tandem to keep your body healthy, and when you put time and attention into one area, it can actually support the other! When you work out, you sweat, which can lead to clogged pores and acne unless you have properly prepped your skin and promptly clean it. If your skin is clear, your self-esteem can grow, giving you the confidence and optimism to work out more regularly. It’s a big loop! But what specifically should you do to care for your skin before and after workouts? Read on!

The Night Before Your Workout:

  1. Get good sleep ~ Good sleep is crucial when it comes to keeping your body healthy overall, and it supports your skin too! When you sleep well, the regenerative processes in your body have time to work, including those that heal wounds or acne and fend off infection. Prep for a good workout by sleeping well, for at least eight hours.

  2. Hydrate ~ If you focus on hydration the night before your workout, you won’t lose as much water during the workout itself. Drink a few glasses of water after 4 pm, and keep some water by your bedside. 

The Day Of Your Workout

  1. Eat a well-rounded breakfast ~ Food is fuel, as cheesy as that sounds. Check out our recent blog post about the best foods for glowy skin, and make sure your breakfast contains the necessary protein and carbohydrates to power your workout. Sugary breakfasts like cereal or pastries may give you a momentary energy burst, but that will quickly fade, and can put a damper on your will to work out.

  2. Cleanse your face ~ Although you may not regularly cleanse your face in the morning (which is totally fine), consider doing so before your workout. Depending on what time of day you choose to work out, there may already be a microscopic accumulation of dirt and dust from the air on your skin, or you may be wearing makeup. When your pores open up to sweat during a workout, these particles can sneak in and lead to clogged pores, acne, and inflammation.

  3. Apply a facial mist or serum ~ After cleansing, apply a serum or facial spray to help minimize moisture loss to your facial skin. You can also spray a facial mist whenever you like throughout your workout to cool down — it never hurts!

  4. Apply moisturizer ~ Lock in your clean, hydrated skin with a moisturizer.

  5. Apply sunscreen ~ If you’re working outside, or even in a space with lots of sun-facing windows, don’t forget to apply sunscreen! It can prevent sun damage, keep your skin from becoming too inflamed, and improve the appearance of acne scars over time. Look for one that is eye-safe, since sweat can make any facial products run into your eyes while you exercise. Non-comedogenic sunscreens, in addition, will not clog your pores, so look for brands that sport that label.

  6. Hydrate ~ You know the drill!

During Your Workout

  1. Keep your equipment clean ~ Gym equipment, despite even the best efforts, can be covered in some really nasty germs. It’s possible to pick up viral and bacterial infections, and if those are transferred to your face, they can infect your skin or cause other adverse skin conditions. While you work out at a gym, consider bringing sanitizing wipes along with you to clean equipment between uses. In addition, you might try alternative forms of exercise, such as jogging outside, or working out in the park — activities that reduce your risk of trading germs with strangers.

  2. Sanitize your hands ~ Your second line of defense against germs is sanitizing your hands, especially when you are cleansing and moisturizing with those same hands.

  3. Don’t touch your face ~ And of course, don’t touch your face! Well, try not to. It’s hard, but touching your face transfers bacteria to your skin that it otherwise would have avoided. Wait until your hands are clean to touch your skin, and carry facial wipes in the interim.

  4. Hydrate ~ It almost goes without saying!

After Your Workout

  1. Double-cleanse your face ~ Don’t let that sweat dry down on your skin! It’s best to cleanse your face ASAP after a workout, to take advantage of the fact that your pores are still dilated after sweating. By double-cleansing (using an oil-based cleanser first, to remove grime, and then a water-based cleanser to soothe) you can actually lift particulate out of your pores and help your skin breathe. Sweat isn’t bad for your skin, but if you let it sit there for too long, it can help solidify dirt and grit into your pores which leads to acne and inflammation.

  2. Shower ~ The skin on your body needs some love, too! Shower off with cool or tepid water (hot water can sensitize already flushed skin) and take some time to relax your muscles. A short meditation or moment of mindfulness in the shower can also lead to happier skin.

  3. Apply moisturizer ~ To compensate for all that sweating, apply a moisturizer to still-damp skin.

  4. Re-apply sunscreen (if needed) ~ Depending on the time of day, you may be planning to go out again or drive somewhere. If that’s the case, then make sure to reapply sunscreen!

  5. Hydrate ~ We’ll stop now, we promise.

  6. Nourish! ~ Finally, nourish your body! It worked hard to carry you through a Pilates class or a Stairmaster regimen. Eat some good food, listen to a podcast, read a few chapters, and liberally apply self-love.

Long Term

  1. Invest in good skincare products ~ high-quality, professional-grade skincare, like the products available for purchase at Integrative Esthetics, will not only boost your skin health but will help you avoid unnecessary irritation and reactions to low-quality fad-products.

  2. Get regular facials ~ A regular professional facial helps clear pores on a monthly or weekly basis, making the build-up of oil or grime impossible, and helping your skin breathe! Holistic facials are customizable to your skin’s needs, as long as you consult your esthetician.

The key to a great workout/skincare routine is holistic beauty — knowing that all parts of your body and mind are interconnected, and they have an impact on each other. Keeping those parts balanced is what best supports healthy, glowy skin, and sustains a good workout routine. Are you struggling with any type of skin congestion? Visit our beautiful studio in Newport Beach for a consultation and personalized, holistic treatment with whole-body welfare in mind.  


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