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          Your Estheticians

Zhanna Gavrilov

European-born, California-based esthetician Zhanna is renowned for her extensive skincare expertise, having graduated from a top Russian Skincare Academy in 1991 before garnering significant experience in spa and clinical settings, including the renowned Georgette Klinger. She co-founded Maji Skin and Body Clinic in 2000, where she trained estheticians and cultivated a strong clientele until 2006. A lifelong learner, Zhanna's expanded skills encompass stress management, healthy lifestyle coaching, and Reiki practice, leading to the creation of her Integrative Esthetics approach, linking internal health and external beauty. In 2015, she returned full-time, establishing a private studio in Newport Beach. A passionate mentor, Zhanna offers vital guidance to new estheticians, focusing on advanced facial techniques, skincare knowledge, and effective customer service. Her holistic training covers diet supplements for skin health, stress management, and customized skincare regimens, helping others achieve their skin goals.

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